Thursday, 13 December 2012

The name says it all - Live Luxuriously. Except we like to do it for less.

Another lazy December afternoon, another day of us discussing Gossip Girl, Pilates, ways to enhance fabulousness, and longing for winter so fur coats could hide our fatness. Yep, that is the conversation that brought on the revelation of this very blog.
“Oi we should so do a blog like live luxe or something for people who want to look famous and have nice expensive shit without the impaired dosh flow.” That my fellow fashionistas, is the sentence that started it all…
Lets be honest, who doesn't love sales or those ‘extra 20 percent off the reduced sticker’ signs. We are two city girls in search of these red ticket sales on our most favourite and beloved items as seen on celebrities, runways and our favourite- Pinterest. To bring to life our virtual Pinterest closets that don’t break our banks or our father's wallets, we are on a mission to find luxurious items and fabulous finds that are friendly to our credit cards. We want to bring you the best and most affordable purchases so that every time you leave the house you can strut your stuff all the way back to the mall and grab another bargain buy.

Let your enlightenment to luxurious living begin. 

- Jessie & Kate.

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